Harbourfront Leadership

Leadership is about being of service to others, not being served by others.

Meet the Harbourfront Wealth Management leadership team that has steered us to the forefront of the industry.

Audax Private Equity partnered with Harbourfront to drive value creation, build winning teams, and accelerate results. Since 1999, they have helped grow more than 160 middle-market companies.

Executive Team

Danny Popescu

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Thompson

Chief of Staff, Office of CEO

Lynn Stibbard

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer

Leonard Trigg

Chief Technology Officer, Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc. and President, Willoughby Asset Management Inc.

Senior Management

Wade Cox

Chief Compliance Officer

Julie Smulders

Chief Operating Officer, Willoughby Asset Management Inc.

Chris Anderson

National Insurance Manager, Harbourfront Estate, Planning Services Inc.

Paul Marion

Executive Managing Director of
Tax & Wealth Planning

Kindra Stowe

Director of Finance

Brian Mennis

Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Development

Wes Ashton

Portfolio Manager

Geoff Pilgrim

Director of Operations and Transitions

Giti Sepahi

Director of Human Resources

Andrea Magee

Communications Director

Portfolio Management Team