Kim Thompson


Kim Thompson is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Advisor Services at Harbourfront. Kim holds 35 years of senior-level experience in the fields of wealth management and financial services. She holds an invaluable skillset and has used it to build and support fast-growing organizations.

In her role at Harbourfront, Kim will lead the development of new strategies across the broad range of Harbourfront’s subsidiaries, including Harbourfront Wealth, Willoughby, and Watermark Private Portfolios.

At Harbourfront Wealth, Kim will lend her experience to transform business unit functions such as Human Resources, Advisor Practice Management, and Facilities. Kim will oversee Business Development for Willoughby Asset Management and guide the development of education, training, and practice management capabilities for Watermark Private Portfolios.

Prior to Harbourfront, Kim has held a wide variety of roles across the wealth management industry including Senior Vice President of Strategy and Chief Transformation Officer at Aviso Wealth Management, Vice President Sales at Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group and Fidelity Investments. Starting her journey in 1991 at a traditional financial institution, Kim then shifted to work under the independent model and today, holds an advanced understanding of the overall wealth management landscape.

Awarded as one of Canada’s WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Women, Kim is a passionate and proven leader driven to develop high performing teams and build winning organizations.