Unified Managed Accounts

Why Watermark Private Portfolios?

The Watermark Private Portfolio Program is a Unified Managed Account using a multi-strategy, total portfolio solution consisting of stocks, bonds, ETFs, AMMPSs, and managed investments all in one account. The benefits of utilizing the Watermark Private Portfolios are extensive. Certain offerings are for qualified investors only.

Ability to hold securities from multiple managers all in one account.
Comprehensive investment report which includes market commentaries, investment performance, performance attribution, portfolio activity with activity rationale.

Asset Allocation

The Watermark Private Portfolio Program is designed for long-term investors who wish to build wealth by following an investment plan that may include an allocation to alternative assets. 

When it comes to investing, the biggest challenge for investment advisors and their clients is finding a core investment solution that provides the opportunity for strong and predictable returns while managing the variability associated with the ups and downs of stock markets. And while investors understand the advantages of long-term investing, in practice, most investors have a tough time accepting and dealing with the volatility associated with investing in specific asset classes.

Tactical Asset Allocation takes a more dynamic approach and seeks to systematically identify and respond to market trends. This offers the flexibility to invest in a wide range of asset classes and the opportunity to provide meaningful diversification and better risk management measures designed to provide smoother, more predictable returns and a better overall investment experience.

Active portfolio managers move money between different asset classes (cash, fixed income, and equity) to improve risk-adjusted returns:

  • Weaker equity markets – Look to overweight fixed income/cash
  • Stronger equity markets – Look to overweight equities

Core Positions

Core holdings in one or more portfolio pools will make up the bulk of the assets. Other investments may complement core holdings and may allow for tactical investment decisions for movement between asset classes and to provide diversification between asset classes, sectors, and geographical regions.

  1. Private Credit: Exclusive to Harbourfront clients, the Rockridge Private Debt Pool provides consistent cash flows and enhanced returns.
  2. Private Real Estate: Exclusive to Harbourfront clients, the Forsyth Private Real Estate Pool provides consistent cash flows, generally higher than those available through traditional bonds and/or bond proxies.
  3. Private Equity: Multiple core equity and/or balanced pools can be held in the Watermark Private Portfolio Program depending on the portfolio model selected. These pools are designed to give investors the ability to participate in upside during periods of equity market expansion and more importantly, protect capital when markets are not performing well. Most pools also have the ability to move in part or entirely to cash, and/or fixed income and/or commodities, etc. to protect capital.
Accessible Multi-Manager Private Securities (AMMPS) are strategically structured to give Canadians access to investments previously available to institutional investors, such as pension funds. AMMPS are strategically structured to include a wide range of investments managed by various fund managers. These uniquely structured private pools help capture returns during periods of market growth and preserve capital during market volatility. As a result, clients can benefit from a more stable and balanced portfolio with diversified liquidity, diversified risk, and diversified returns.