An Action Worth Taking, Now and For the Long Term Supporting Canadians in Need Through Food Banks Canada.

An Action Worth Taking, Now and For the Long Term – Supporting Canadians in Need Through Food Banks Canada.

A letter from Harbourfront Wealth Management’s CEO, Danny Popescu 

Once I heard that our fellow Canadians’ demand for food bank support had dramatically increased, I was compelled to act. This year, food banks experienced a 15% increase in visits, bringing usage levels to an all-time high. Unfathomably, in the same year, donations hit a record low.  

Marked a year of unprecedented hunger by the World Food Programme, food banks across Canada spent ten times their original budgets, maxing out both donations and bank support while barely keeping up with demand.  

With the holiday season closing in and no time to spare, the team at Harbourfront immediately got to work creating a fundraising campaign to help families across Canada. Within 24 short hours of launch — an astounding 30,000 meals were raised.  

The Holiday Harbourfront Meals initiative united the firm in an effort to support the broader community, and from the very get-go, there was no shortage of passion.  

The team’s determination to make a community impact is what led us to 10x our original goal and raise 51,000 meals.  

To further extend our impact, knowing hunger is an ongoing issue entering its worst year in Canada, I felt a deep sense of responsibility to provide an additional contribution.  

Together, we will be providing a grand total of 151,000 meals to families this holiday season through Food Banks Canada. 

I am so proud and in awe of the Harbourfront team’s generosity. To my team and those who have supported this cause – thank you. 

On a personal note – as a business owner, I am growing to give. And giving to grow. And with rising levels of inequality, we must work harder to become more consistent in our efforts to give.  

Harbourfront is committed to supporting Food Banks Canada and our fellow Canadians through efforts for the long haul. 

More About the Harbourfront Holiday Meals Campaign 

If you’d like to support the campaign and join our efforts to help families in need, you can visit the campaign site here: Harbourfront Holiday Meals Campaign

More About Canada’s Hunger Crisis  

High inflation rates and grocery prices combined with an increased need for support have led food banks to spend over ten times more than in years previous.   

According to recent reports, 5.8 million Canadians are currently food insecure.   

Food bank visits have tripled since the pandemic and expect to serve over two million people before the end of 2022.  

Food Banks across the country are being stretched to their limits due to this high demand, and the mission to end hunger in Canada is becoming more difficult.  

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