Canada News Media: Harbourfront Gives Foundation Smashes Holiday Meals Goal in Food Banks Canada Campaign


Media source: Canada News Media    |   December 26, 2022

When the Harbourfront team thought about the best way to help families in need this holiday season, it set an ambitious goal: provide 10,000 meals to families across the country through Food Banks Canada.

The Harbourfront Gives Foundation exceeded the 10,000 meals fundraising goal within 24 hours and the new goal of 50,000 meals was reached within two weeks.

The Harbourfront Holiday Meals campaign is one of many Harbourfront Gives Foundation initiatives aimed at providing a lifeline to people and communities across Canada. On December 26, 2022, Canada News Media shared the fundraising results of the 2022 Harbourfront Gives Holiday Meals for Food Banks Canada, part of an ongoing relationship between the foundation and this charity.