Wealth Professional: How Do Wealth Firms Vet Their Alternative Investments?


Media Source: Wealth Professional |   October 12, 2022

How do wealth firms vet their alternative investments? On October 12, 2022, Wealth Profesional shared key takeaways from Equiton’s recent round table session on alternative investments.

Panelist Travis Forman, BA, CFP, FMA, CIM, FCSI, a Harbourfront Advisor and Portfolio Manager, says Harbourfront strives for extensive diversification within the constraints of performance goals.

“We’ll start with due diligence around talent, tenure, track records, and other KPIs, but then we’ve also hired a third-party due diligence team that takes a deep dive into everything we do,” Travis said. “If we get the green light, then it’s up to the investment fund services team to make sure it matches mandates on liquidity and other factors before going to an investment committee. If the product passes all of that, we begin to allocate,” he explained.