Colin Sabourin B.Comm. (Hons), CFP, CIM.


When you grow up on a farm, the plan is to eventually take over the farm, especially if you’re the oldest.

I received all of the top-notch farm training as a child. The combine rides as a toddler, the piles of John Deere toys, the importance of not missing the weather update on CJOB, and the weekly semi rides to the local elevator.

Farming wasn’t in the cards

Around the age of 7, I had just returned from a combine ride with my grandpa when I couldn’t stop coughing. I had trouble catching my breath, my eyes were itchy, and my nose was running non-stop. We went to the doctor and sure enough, I was having an asthma attack.

Having been told to stay away from farm dust, anything related to harvest quickly stopped. Moving forward I was still involved in farming, working for my uncle’s crop-dusting company, and having the responsibility of handling “dust-free” jobs. However, as my asthma worsened I figured it was best to start considering a Plan-B.

Plan B: Financial Planning

In addition to being full-time farmers, my parents also owned a trucking company. Not knowing what I wanted to do in life, I figured I’d follow their lead, go to business school, and maybe return to help run their company. It was early in my university experience that I started taking finance courses and immediately fell in love with financial planning. I loved the challenge and the impact it could have on people’s lives when I figured out solutions to their problems.

I began my practice upon the completion of my degree in 2012, and I haven’t looked back since. Today, I work with over 100 families helping them manage over $75 million in investable assets.

Specializing in Farm Financial Planning

Over the years, I started acquiring more and more farmers as clients. Having grown up on a farm helped, as I knew farming was like no other business. The typical strategies that most business owners use don’t necessarily work as efficiently for farmers, and therefore, the typical “cookie-cutter” advice from non-farm advisors is not cutting it!

Today I work almost exclusively with farmers, therefore, I am able to provide farm-specific financial, investment, and tax advice which I firmly believe no other advisor can match since I’m immersed in it daily.

If you’d like to discuss options or chat about anything farm related, I can be reached at 204-712-6168 or via e-mail at [email protected].