Wealth Professional: ‘An Educated Client Is a Happier, More Profitable Client’


Media Source: Wealth Professional |   September 21, 2022

Harbourfront Portfolio Manager Travis Forman, BA, CFP, FMA, CIM, FCSI, believes there’s a certain leap of faith when you cultivate a new relationship with clients. By informing clients, not only are they more educated, but they’re also more comfortable, and that all circles back to our success.

In an article published on September 21, 2022, Wealth Professional digs into what clients are looking for with the team won this year’s W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd. award for Advisory Team of the Year.

“If we get more referrals, we can help more Canadians. Not only does that feel good, but it also means that everybody – all eight of us – who work on our team are able to provide better lives for our families at the same time, so it’s truly a win-win,” said Travis.