Tech Hub

Tech Solutions We Invest in as Our Commitment to You

Technology as an Asset

The Harbourfront Tech Hub makes it simple to automate everyday tasks for seamless communication across relationships.

As you manage the needs of clients, automation can help you manage the workload.

Harbourfront has invested in cutting-edge technology platforms and foundational technologies that can do just that: help you scale while you develop even more personal relationships with your clients and manage their money more effectively.

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Technology Hub Overview

Harbourfront’s Technology Hub is a series of advanced solutions designed to optimize Advisor workflow. It revolutionizes traditional practice management by removing siloed workflows and offers Advisors an elevated experience providing everything from: 

  • A client and Advisor onboarding digital platform
  • Automated web-based communication systems
  • Customized automated fee billing systems
  • A high-end UMA platform and customized client statements 
  • A PM discretionary platform
  • A remote and cloud-based global platform and
  • Custom website design along with social media advice and content consultation
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Nominated for The Mako Financial Technologies Award for Most Innovative Use of WealthTech

at the WP Awards

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Tech Hub Circle

What we are doing aims to fix the problems faced by IA’s, and our solutions are deployed specifically to ease Administrative pains.

We Invest in Tech Solutions as Part of Our Commitment to You

This continual investment has made life easier for our Client’s and Advisors. Some of the current effects include a fully paperless office, fully remote capabilities & support, the Tech Hub’s one integrated system, and enhanced security.

Fully covering you from back end to client engagement.

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Harbourfront solves the pain of outdated tech with agility and prioritization of integrated tech solutions. But first, we had to ask ourselves, “How do we make your life easier so we can all grow faster?”

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Harbourfront Gateway App

As the first of its kind, The Harbourfront Gateway App offers advisors and employees the ability to access hundreds of documents and applications from one place, centralizing collaboration between large teams and clients across the country.

With user experience at the forefront, the app has an intuitive user face, countless number of integrations, and automated workflows built with your clients in mind. Through the App, advisors can easily collaborate with clients in a way they haven’t been able to previously. 

The suite empowers advisory businesses under the Harbourfront umbrella to go beyond traditional methods of digital communications and allows for:

  • Streamlined Contact Management
  • Automated Workflows
  • Task Management
  • Activity Streams
  • File Story 
  • Desktop and Mobile App
  • System Reporting
  • Calendar Events and more
Bring your Advisory Practice to the next level with custom tailored technology
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Same Advice, Same Performance, More Convenience


– Leonard Trigg,  CTO – Harbourfront Wealth Management

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