Todd McLay


I grew up in Coronach, Saskatchewan, a small southern town near the U.S. border. My transcript from the University of Saskatchewan is an interesting one. It started with a focus on science, physics, and chemistry with a trajectory into the medical field. But, soon after, I was pulled further toward business and finance. I understood then that this was my true passion, and I’m thankful I made the pivot I did.

I began my career with an advisor career agency called Clarica and, soon afterward, developed a true love for the business. However, needing to further enhance my capabilities as an advisor, I left to join an independent investment dealer. Little did I know that this decision would help shape the firm as we know it today. After only 10 short months, this independent investment dealer was purchased by a large Canadian bank. Although financially, it was considered an extreme success, we soon would realize the true proprietary pressures these large institutions have on Canadians. Our desire to create a financial planning and investment platform that we would be truly proud of led my wife Deanna and I to venture off to form Precedence Private Wealth.

Our goal was to scratch our own itch and to create a firm we’d be honored to work with as clients — one that is truly independent in nature with honesty and full transparency at its core. The only thing that gets me more excited than helping and influencing our amazing clients is watching my Leafs endure their struggles so that they can hopefully one day capture their ultimate prize. I am obsessed with learning, and I love everything business. In most recent years I’ve become fascinated in the potential to vastly broaden our reach and influence by harnessing the power of social media. It really is a truly amazing time we live in today!