Chris Gerlinsky CFP, CHS, EPC


Chris Gerlinsky is an Edmonton entrepreneur with a propensity for financial planning. In 2005, he founded Lavoro Financial Group; enjoying great success as a financial planner and the branch principal.

Before his career in financial services, Chris spent three years in the military as a field engineer; bought his first rental property in 1999 and created a real estate business before entering financial services in 2002. Chris earned the Certified Financial Planner designation in 2004, the Certified Health Insurance Specialist designation in 2009, and Elder Planning Council Designation in 2011.

Chris values the satisfaction of seeing his expertise benefit clients. He is highly specialized in risk management programs and works with business owners, professionals and individuals to develop sound financial strategies helping them achieve their fiscal goals.

Chris has been active in his community, by working in schools as a Big Brother mentor, and as a board member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s youth achievement program.

He is the father of two young girls and is kept busy with gymnastics, music, and equestrian lessons. In his downtime, Chris enjoys staying physically active and leading a healthy lifestyle.