Brad Smith CIM

Many of the families who work with Brad say that that they are relieved to find a financial advisor who understands that measuring financial success is not necessarily a percentage of return on their money (ROI).

Rather, it is about utilizing their assets wisely to create a life that satisfies their goals, dreams, and values.  This could be leaving a legacy to a charitable organization, traveling, or purchasing a vacation home for their family’s use. In short, it is about return on life (ROL).

Brad is passionate about helping Advice First client families connect their money with their purpose.  This helps them achieve the best life possible.  He has assembled a team of professionals who share common values and collaborate to help their client families thrive across the generations.

Brad believes in taking an alternative approach to most financial advisors. He uses Life Centered Planning to help you make good decisions about your future.  The Life Centered Planning approach uses various tools such as the Return on Life Index and Financial Lifelines to help families live the best life possible with the money they have, today and into the future. 

Brad and his wife, Laurie, live in Waterloo and have three adult children.  They are involved in their church, as well as other non-profit organizations. Brad enjoys the outdoors and grilling on his Traeger smoker. He is an avid follower of everything football.