Adrian Blake CFP


Adrian considers himself lucky to have followed his father into Financial Planning as a career, but that didn’t happen by accident. He began by completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto, spent time running other businesses, and ultimately, joined his father in Financial Planning in 2015. He earned the Certified Financial Planner® Professional and Registered Retirement Coordinator® designations, and then purchased his father’s business in 2019.

He enjoys finding better ways to serve his clients, having embraced technology (something this industry is guilty of avoiding) in order to make his practice fully digitally enabled. Adrian still likes getting together with his clients as much as anyone but also realizes the value and convenience of being able to host online meetings, utilize digital processes, and use web-based financial planning tools that allow more robust understanding of financial planning decisions with meaningful visualizations instead of endless numbers. To him, the most important part of financial planning is not the plan itself, but the clarity that comes from a complete understanding of your hopes for the future and the long-term outcomes of your decisions.

Outside of work, Adrian is married to Jennifer, has two young sons, Owen and Dax, and enjoys mountain and road cycling, keeping exotic discus fish, and vacationing.