Strategic Succession Planning

Maximize Equity in Your Practice with Strategic Succession Planning

Within the next 10 years, a third of Canadian advisors are expected to retire.

Advisors, whether you’re planning to retire in the next few years or decades from today, you can start by considering succession planning strategies to maximize the value of your business.

30% of assets available for transfer are expected to be lost due to a lack of succession planning.

With decades of experience working with successful IA teams across Canada, Harbourfront has identified three questions investment advisors and business owners can ask to help unlock the value of an established business, starting with asking what is the potential equity of your business?

What does the financial future of your clients look like? What about your legacy?

Before you decide to retire and/or sail off into the sunset, think hard and ask: Who will you entrust with your clients? Find out who should be involved in a transition plan that is robust and legally compliant, and what to do if you don’t have a suitable successor.

You can unlock the value in your business while also protecting your book and your client relationships. By surrounding yourself with the people you need, you can develop new opportunities and overcome challenges by thinking strategically about succession planning over the long term.

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