Giti Sepahi

Director of Human Resources

Giti Sepahi is the Director of Human Resources at Harbourfront Wealth Management. An accomplished Human Resource and Corporate Services leader with a proven track record, Giti excels at driving change. She holds in-depth experience in business strategy execution and maximizing organizational effectiveness. She is a strong connector and relationship-builder, known for working collaboratively with employees and colleagues across departments to maintain a cohesive front and culture. Giti holds 26+ years of experience in her field of expertise.

Giti has worked across a diverse range of industries, including Food and Beverage, Retail, in an agency environment, and, most notably, within financial services. She recently served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for 23 years at Cannaccord Genuity before her transition to Harbourfront.
Harbourfront’s goal is to become the Employer of Choice for employees across a broad spectrum of skill sets and ignite and reward corporate culture and values.


In her role with Harbourfront, Giti will work to achieve this outcome as well as: 

  • Develop and motivate cross-functional teams. 

  • Drive results and customer service through the deployment of strategic planning and action and

  • Innovate and create new programs for Harbourfront’s executive team, employees, and advisory practices, including compensation and retention strategies.

She is a trusted advisor with strong communication and interpersonal skills.