The Harbourfront Group Announces Julie Smulders’ Appointment to Chief Operating Officer of Willoughby Asset Management

Vancouver, British Columbia, September 22, 2023 – the Harbourfront Group of companies (“the Group,” which includes Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc.,) today announced the appointment of Julie Smulders as Chief Operating Officer of Willoughby Asset Management Inc. (“Willoughby”), the Investment Fund Manager member of the Group.  

“Julie Smulders is a strong executive in Canada’s asset management space with extensive experience in investment operations at financial institutions,” says Danny Popescu, Chief Executive Officer of the Harbourfront Group.  

Previously, Smulders played an instrumental role in the development of the Group’s fund operations in her role with Willoughby as Director, Fund Operations. As Chief Operating Officer of Willoughby, Smulders will focus on the operational framework, including fund operations, fund accounting, and overall process improvements.   

“Willoughby has experienced remarkable growth within the last 12 months,” says Smulders. “I’m most excited about Willoughby’s suite of private investments and thrilled to continue bringing strong investment options with stable return potential to our retail clients.”  

This announcement follows recent news of Leonard Trigg’s promotion to Willoughby Asset Management’s President, supporting the Group’s continued growth.  

About Willoughby Asset Management Inc. 

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