GO Banking Rates: Why Millennials Start Saving Years Ahead of Boomers


Media Source: GO Banking Rates     |   April 20, 2022

Millennials are approaching retirement -which they will transition into around 2050- very differently from the older generations, as not only their views and values around it have shifted, but they also start saving a decade earlier, a new study finds.

Mark Pinto, President of Harbourfront, comments on Why Millennials Start Saving Years Ahead of Boomers, published on GOBankingRates on April 20, 2022.

“The good news for millennials is, they appreciate the power of advice and comprehensive wealth planning. As such, they will reap the rewards to staying disciplined,” said Mark. Millennials think of retirement less as a target savings number and date and more like a state of mind or target lifestyle, according to the study.