The Globe & Mail: Why Advisors Need to Care More About Gen Z – And Fast


Media Source: The Globe and Mail   |   January 7, 2022

Mark Pinto, President of Harbourfront, shares why advisors need to consider Generation Z in their long-term game plans, and fast, if they are to succeed in the era of digital transformation and finance. Mark shares five strategies on how to build a Gen Z client base in this Globe Advisor published in The Globe and Mail.

Mark has been at the forefront of exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation. As the next generation of consumers and investors, Generation Z represents a significant opportunity for financial advisors. However, understanding their unique needs, wants, and expectations is crucial for success. Mark believes Advisors who are successfully connecting with this demographic will be well positioned for success in the years to come.

Mark offers a roadmap with practical, actionable steps advisors can take to engage with  Gen Z and build a thriving business.