The slow-binding nexus that will carry wealth management forward


Harbourfront Blog |   October 27,2021

A very real nexus exists between wealth management and female leadership.

Today, a record number of women are running Global 500 businesses and by 2030 over $30 trillion in financial assets will shift to the hands of female counterparts, daughters or otherwise (McKinsey). 

The current environment represents a key moment to effect a significant transition from the predominantly male-led environment of the past industry to a future, more balanced ideal.

There are women entering every avenue of the business who are exerting their influence, shaping environments, re-writing narratives and contributing significantly to steady growth outcomes, either through female led- advisory practices or their positions in the dealer management and executive side of the industry.

While the sector is on a far more inclusive and gender-balanced trajectory than what it once was, Lynn Stibbard CFO and COO of Harbourfront Wealth recently shared in an interview with Wealth Professional that “[she] really thought it would change quite a lot more rapidly than it has. The adoption of technology and push towards a more holistic wealth management process has occurred much more quickly than the onboarding of females into roles of leadership. CEO’s and female-led advisory firms are still far from the norm. 

Lynn shares:

In my 40 year career as a professional and an executive in the finance field, many things have changed exponentially, but others have moved forward at a much slower pace than I thought they would when I started out. 

While I like to think that I have helped in a small way to pave the path towards achieving equality for women in the workplace, there is still a very long way to go. The women I work with at Harbourfront are smart, creative, ethical, enthusiastic and dedicated. They are confident, collaborative, hard working and bring their own unique perspectives to what we do. They make significant and meaningful contributions to our firm and are a huge factor in its success. I am very proud to work with them.

The theme for this year’s Women’s History Month is Women Making History in Canada Now. As we wrap up this historic month, it’s an important time to highlight the progress that’s been made, and what is still to be done in the wealth management industry with regard to gender equality and female empowerment.

Lynn knows real change is just beginning and the next cohort of females stepping into the space will be the key to future success.  

Lynn Stibbard - Headshot