Press Release: At Harbourfront, Open Architecture Breeds Best in Class Product Solutions


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Harbourfront Wealth Management (“Harbourfront”) or the (“Company”) is pleased to share that the company’s ongoing and exclusive relationship with Canadian Asset Manager, Willoughby Asset Management, has provided Harbourfront investment advisors access to a quality selection of investment pools to present as client offerings.

The ability to retain access and provide Harbourfront advisors with exclusive offerings for clients has resulted in growth and steady portfolio performance specifically throughout the 2020 pandemic.

As the line-up of products are innovative and not currently available to the general market, this has provided an advantage to high-net worth investors determined to obtain diversified investment opportunities and earn above-market returns.

The relationship is managed by third-party portfolio managers who conduct thorough due diligence, comprehensive R&D and who have identified product solutions that complement strong, already available, industry-wide portfolio options.

“The industry already has many solid investment products that are readily available, but there are gaps, and so what Willoughby created is a line-up of products that fill in those gaps,” says Mark Sutrin, Vice President of Willoughby Asset Management.

“What that’s done is strengthen the offerings Harbourfront advisors can provide to clients, in turn strengthening clients’ portfolios because they are now holistic.”

Key benefits:        

• Innovative product line-up that brings world-class pension-style investing to retail clients which was not previously available.

• A product line-up structured to create liquidity in an illiquid space, coupled with solutions uncorrelated to the volatility of equity markets.

• Exclusive to Harbourfront clients and advisors.

“Our ability to provide clients with a product line-up that has an architectural framework uncorrelated to the volatility of the public equity markets creates liquidity for investors, and this was illustrated more so when the equities dropped up to 35% in mid-March during the 2020 pandemic,” says Mark J. Pinto, President at Harbourfront Wealth Management.

“Innovation is what differentiates a leader from a follower, for the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but the imagination to make it better for clients.”

About Willoughby Asset Management

Willoughby Asset Management pools provide complete asset allocation solutions for accredited and non-accredited investors and aim to provide for strong risk-adjusted returns.

For more information visit willoughbyasset.com

About Harbourfront Wealth Management

Harbourfront Wealth Management (“Harbourfront”) is a Canadian-owned independent advisory firm servicing growth-oriented advisors and high-net worth clients. Founded in 2013, Harbourfront is headquartered in Vancouver, BC and has a rapidly growing branch network of more than 20 branches across Canada.

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