Nancy Tania - Headshot - Oakwater Wealth Counsel

Nancy Tania


Nancy has 5 years of experience in the financial services industry, with exposure to mutual and segregated funds, group retirement and executive plans, group benefits, and insurance. As an associate, Nancy works alongside the team to foster and support client relationships by liaising, responding to requests, and bringing a proactive perspective to problem-solving.

Nancy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and her CSC designation. It wasn’t until she took a financial education course in college that she realized how little she and everyone around her knew about the financial industry. She was inspired to learn more so that she could better understand finances and help others. Nancy continues to be inspired by the financial and personal growth her clients gain from having their financial needs taken care of.

Outside of the professional world, Nancy has interests in board games (e.g. escape room and murder mysteries), reading, hiking, culinary exploration, dancing, and Toastmasters.