Who is Harbourfront?

Unlike the large investment institutions, we embody a philosophy of independent, unbiased advice with an unwavering commitment to delivering true wealth management. We do this by offering harmonized advice that intricately weaves defensive portfolio construction, income planning and projecting, tax minimization planning, estate preservation, and trust management, all with a continuous focus on the management of risk. Our advisors located in Harbourfront’s branches across Canada have been carefully selected based on high standards of excellence and integrity. They tailor client wealth plans with no incentive to use proprietary products or investment vehicles.

Made Different to Make a Difference

NETFLIX did not kill Blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did.

UBER did not kill the taxi business. Limited access to fare control did.

APPLE did not kill the music industry. Being forced to buy full-length albums did.

AMAZON did not kill other retailers. Poor customers service and experience did.

AIRBNB is not killing the hotel industry. Limited availability and pricing options are.

TECHNOLOGY itself is not the disruptor. Not being CUSTOMER-CENTRIC is the biggest threat to any business.

Changing the Model

At Harbourfront, alignment with our clients and advisors is first and foremost. To achieve this, we have turned the traditional industry model on its head by preventing conflicts of interest between large company shareholders and management, and clients and financial advisors.

Like Netflix, Uber, Apple, Amazon, and Airbnb, we have a singular focus on serving the best interests of our clients 100% of the time - that’s the Harbourfront way!

Harbourfront Wealth Management